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Corporate sustainability

In addition to maintaining our business activities, it’s important for us at Gourmand to maintain a policy on sustainability. It’s part of the CSR principles (Corporate Social Responsibility) we believe in. And part of the principles we’re already applying with regard to the environment, people, the local community and our business relationships.

The environment
100% of the energy we use comes from renewable energy sources. When we moved into our new premises in 2005, we decided to take extra environmental measures. We planted trees around the premises and included shrubs and gardens to add calm to the surrounding area. We included a system to monitor our water usage and are careful to recycle our waste. We apply standards for the lowest possible carbon emissions to our fleet of vehicles, with an emissions target of < 100 g/km.

At Gourmand, we encourage each employee to contribute to our objectives. Our employees get a lot in return. We do everything we can to make sure our staff have an ergonomic working environment and try to involve them in the company by creating good communication. Our pay standards our higher than the legally prescribed industry standards. We use a système papillon to keep our staff from getting caught in the rut of doing the same, routine activities day-in and day-out. In addition, we employ people regardless of their gender or origin and maintain a strict safety and absence policy, as well as a structural consultation culture. And finally, training and a coordinated approach to recruitment as well as follow-up all form the pillars of our HR policy.

Social responsibility
At Gourmand, we believe that we’re a part of the community. We believe in hiring minorities and giving people with disabilities a chance in the workforce. That’s why we donate our pre-baked products to an organisation in Moeskroen (Nourriture au Coeur) and have given jobs to a dozen handicapped employees via Corelap.

Sustainable relationships
By maintaining a personalised approach and an open dialogue, we’ve built up a long list of loyal clients and suppliers. Gourmand actively measures client satisfaction and employs a sustainable purchasing policy with the lowest possible impact on mobility and our carbon footprint.

All our suppliers are reputable, BRC certified companies who we expect to show a positive attitude towards Corporate Social Responsibility.