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Quality & Food Safety

While our products might be made using a large-scale production process, we at Gourmand never forget the small-scale time-honoured recipes and quality craftsmanship that go into making our products special.

That means that our products reflect the exquisite taste of tradition while our modern methods ensure a uniformly high-quality and oven-fresh standard. Gourmand never compromises on look, quality and taste...and certainly not on food safety.

In a market characterised by globalisation, consolidation, vertical integration and ever-increasing customer demands, Gourmand is locked in a daily clamour to retain its existing customers and target and acquire new customers from competitors. To win this battle, Gourmand must deliver the highest quality in products and services and must strive for continuous innovation in products, business processes and procedures.

All the stringent standards and procedures are established in a continually evolving quality control system, certified for BRC by AIB Vinçotte/ISA Belgium (International Supplier Auditing). This standard sets out the requirements which a company’s quality control system must meet to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction, by eliminating deviations at all stages of the production process, from design up to follow-up.

Gourmand’s production process also complies with the HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The system, which enables production to prevent, control and assess possible anomalies, guarantees the high quality of the product being brought onto the market.

Gourmand has the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) label for its by-products, providing our by-product customers with sufficient guarantees of the quality of the supplied products.

These certificates testify of the premium quality offered by Gourmand. Our quality assurance department checks the unconditional observance of these stringent production standards on a daily basis.

Constant quality improvement, traceability and food safety are key principles in Gourmand’s quality policy.