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Research & Development

But Gourmand doesn’t plan to stop there. Each day, we’re looking to improve the craftsmanship and convenience of our products.

Right from the very start, Gourmand fully invested in Research and Development, with the ultimate aim being to create the finest puff pastry products tailored to the consumers’ tastes and wishes.

In this respect, Gourmand can call upon a professional in-house R&D department, but also benefits from its baking experience of many years as part of the Dossche Group. Research projects, for example, are regularly conducted with the R&D managers at Dossche Mills. This collaboration aims to continuously improve product quality and innovation.

Gourmand has also succeeded in marrying modern production technology, as well as stringent product consistency standards, with the aroma and taste characteristics of a traditional product. Gourmand has integrated the traditional baking methods (sponge dough and setting times) into a fully automatic dough preparation process, enhancing the freshness, clean bite, taste experience and aroma of the end-product.

Our baking technologists visit the customers to help develop new products and to assist them in guaranteeing premium end-quality.